As a locally owned restaurant, we strive to incorporate the best ingredients that Little Rock suppliers have to offer. By never settling for less than the highest quality food, you can feel good when dining at The Main Cheese.



Humble Beginnings


Food. Fun. Friends.  These passions have manifested in a restaurant centered on friends, with a story behind each hand-crafted dish.  Our planning began in early 2013, followed by construction during the winter of the same year. Come see our award-winning restaurant soon!

Meaningful Vision

Photo Credit: ms.akr

From concept to execution, The Main Cheese was held together by close friends and family. Finding meaning in our work led to questioning every move, every design, and every recipe. We pride ourselves in making flavor combinations like never before and delivery an experience unique to Little Rock.

Extraordinary Food

The Main Cheese is a first in the central Arkansas area. When it comes down to it, The Main Cheese is all about two things: bread and cheese. Our hope is to expand on the classic grilled cheese by introducing innovative, gourmet creations that pay homage to the diner favorite.